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So this blog has now become more of a task than a pleasure. at this point, i still have not found the time to

a) take proper photos
b) modify the layout to make it more user friendly
c) be creative with my outfits
d) found proper, substantive fodder for replacement posts or
e) been able to comment on the blogs i love

Alas, I am now stuck in blog limbo: do i stay or do i go?

The compromise is that I'm going to remove myself from this blog but stick around as a blogger 'presence', if you will.  Will continue to dally around on tumblr and within the blogosphere, but until I can consistently post actual content, I see no point in tormenting both of us (it's like a breakup letter now...).

Anyhow, I hope to continue to see you all on the interwebs, and heaven willing, with a real blog in the future.  Thanks for taking all the time to read all the insomnia-induced jibberish I post on here.  Cheers to you all, talk soon. :)



Totally understand where you're coming from. I'm down to posting once a week since 2x was too overwhelming. I also think the purpose of my blog is changing and I want to step back. It used to be I would dress for myself then take pics for the blog, now when I get dressed I worry whether or not my outfit is blog-worthy! So hopefully posting less will help me get back to dressing more for myself than the blog.

Anyway, in other news, yes, the boots were on sale. They were actually the last pair and half a size too big, but beggars can't be choosers! Nothing a few foam inserts can't fix ;-)

Take care and see you around the blogosphere!

Awww...I completely understand. See you when you return!

Take your time, I know you're busy with school and work! Life first! Also congrats on going for the bag :)

Oh take care and good luck with everything!

See you soon and take care!

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