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dry spell

not much going on here. but i have had some REALLY good ideas. but i think those may have faded with the lethargy and exams that have rendered my brain to virtual putty at this point.
i do like these looks though, don't you?
i'm trying to get used to my hair now. got a hairCUT the other day and am trying to learn how to work with the curl pattern, which is rather unruly. and confused. i'm confused. i'm getting new boots. damn things need to be here already before the weather changes so much i can't wear them.
what do you all do for exercise?


Hair cut?? I hope you'll show us that fresh new look. I like the ladies'style and hair!

I love these two ladies' hair! I've always wanted to have big, curly hair. I actually had a perm when I was like 17, but my hair was so straight it didn't take :(
Now I want super straight hair and my hair texture changed to kinda wavy. In other words, we always want what we can't have. Right?

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