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on toughing it out

wee bit dark, but...better than nothing? i think it's clearer in youtube. looks like future vids will have to be vimeo-hosted
hey all. been a tough couple of days. rough shifts, back to back, along with school and personal responsibilities. it's funny because i've felt such guilt not blogging, not being able to allocate enough time to everything. almost like i've failed my dear readers. i've been beating my body and brain into submission these past few days, though and definitely need a reprieve.
i'm still getting into the swing of things with the new semester and some new problems that came with the new year. i'm already exhausted and stressed and would love nothing more than a plan ticket to a place that doesn't have 20 degree weather or skyscrapers or mounds of ice prohibiting passage on the streets. just...quiet, and calm. or if not that, just a few days of extra sleep. but i guess we can't have it all. :)
looking forward to a full night of sleep, a full day of class, several hours' studying, and getting it ALL under control come the weekend. i have become both reliant AND addicted to my agenda (paper, not electronic). i LOVE writing things down. in fact, now that i've gorged myself on wendy's and watched the last episode of gossip girl and homework is somewhat contained, i'm going to take myself to pen and paper and maybe work on one of my stories. if only for a few hours until the shit hits the fan in the morning, lol.
anyhoo, this is my little bit of free time. happy for it. going to rest somehow, then put myself down for a few hours of sleep and get some work done. it's been a loooooong week and it's only just tuesday, so i'm hoping the week continues to be productive. how are you all? i have not been a good visitor of blogs. i find that i'm so much more inspired now by the simple things that bring me pleasure rather than bombarding myself with clutter. looks like it'll be a new me this year. cheesy, but i'm quite looking forward to it.
sorry for the butchy video. i did the first one and did not like how i looked bounding into the frame and prancing about on tip toe to show you my romper. so i deleted it. and romped less in the second take. i've been trying to get creative with the nasty weather over here. since i do love my layers i took it to the next level and layered some of my coziest and comfiest pieces.
i couldn't find a sweater that didn't look bulky under the romper so after changing about 6 times (i don't have a mirror at the new place yet. it's a bitch trying to get dressed while standing on tiptoe on my bed to peer into the dresser mirror), i gave in and threw a sweater over it. and ta-da. shorts in winter. the 6 pairs of tights underneath kept me so warm i was WAY too hot.
oh, and meet my new buns. i've been getting some pretty funny looks, but i really like them. keeps my hair out of my face and is very low maintenance. in other news, i'm thinking of cutting my hair short again. that or growing it to jesus-like lengths, which will require another trim and a lot of delicacy. my hair grows like a weed, but i have not been taking good care of it, especially now it's cold. i've bought an aloe leaf and now that i've run out of conditioner i've found myself doing all kinds of weird stuff in my kitchen in the search for an easy homemade moisturizer. be on the lookout for a post on that soon; natural products have done some amazing things for my skin so far so i'm trying to infuse the practice into my overall body care routine.
posts should become a little more regular. and maybe more interesting? maybe that's asking too much. talk soon and can't wait to play catch up on all the missed posts!

i hope you all are doing swimmingly. valentine's plans anyone?

romper: hudson
sweater: missoni (via shoptoast)
boots: dr marten's


Ah yes, the good old "I'll catch up over the weekend" ruse... then Saturday comes along and it's all "I have Sunday to catch up" then before you know it it's Monday! Well, that's how it is with me anyway. I have yet to catch up with all the chores I neglected when I was sick.

I hear you about the weather. I love winter but even I'm tired of it now. Your outfit is cute, though! But have you reconciled the going-to-the-bathroom-in-a-romper problem?

Hang in there, it's almost mid-week! ;-)

girl, i feel you. this has been a long week and last week was a long one too. i got sick and now i am just getting over it. blah.

keep your head up! i love the buns--they're so cute. hang out soon? when you have some time?

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