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cheers to chocolate

dress: tramp
shirt: 3 dots
cardigan: pendleton
coat: la rok parka
boots: dr marten's 16 eye

not sure how to make the video appear larger....any insight? i'm technically challenged.
back to work/school for me tomorrow. anyone have valentine's plans? i truly hate the day. it's an exploitation of emotional connection! down with consumerism!!!!

someone said yesterday (via twitter, lol), something along the lines of 'screw valentine's day. i'm celebration 50% off chocolate tuesday!'.
so here's to that. cheers.


I love the video!!! I hope someone can tell you how to make it larger.
From Acne, I got the floral top in my last post.
Sorry you had to work on Valentine's but you can always celebrate it later on. We actually celebrated on Sunday because both my husband and I had to work on Monday.
Have a great weekend!
p.s. I've been looking for the IM boots everywhere and no luck! And this only makes me want them more! lol!

I love the outfit, so cozy and cute! The Dr Martens are perfect. I'd never paid attention to this model and would be a great option to replace my flat knee high boots.

i have to take a look at t "three dots " ive never heard of them i must admit :( but i like what i see!

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