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buns of courage

it takes cojones to go out with buns as your hairstyle. cojones i didn't think i had. i am realizing however, that i'm turning over a new leaf. and on the other side, it reads: IDGAF. i get a lot of stares and leia comments, usually. real creative guys.
this is how i've been rocking them mostly.
sorry...i was on my way to work at 11pm. no time for cuteness. or chapstick. ew.
cardigan: pendleton
sweatshirt: dkny
jeans: true religion (i remember when i thought these were cool. now they are work pants. how things change.)
boots: ralph lauren

moving right along. the temperature dropped something fierce last night, but i had class in the morning and threw this on:
coat: la rok parka
shirt: gap
sweater: crossley
cardigan: pendleton
jeans: earnest sewn
boots: prada

then came home, and with the weather predicted to be in the teens--with a windchill, no less--and a late night bus ride ahead of me, i changed into this:
coat: nicholas k parka
jeans: true religion stella
boots: no. 6 shearling boots
sunglasses: cole haan

i was definitely NOT cold.

just got home and off to work again at 5am. they are working me like a government mule, y'all. more updates coming soon.


That parka is so incredibly AWESOME! The shades are awesome too.
-ps. Cute note on the white board. lol!

oh crap. i think i was supposed to look up a photoshop tutorial or something to figure out how to smudge that out, lol.
dah well.
thanks for the glasses comment. i got contacts! which forced me not to fall asleep at work because apparently they can stick to your eye and blind you...awesome.
hope you're having a good weekend.

Can't believe how pathetic some people are, making such "innovative" comments on your buns hairstyle...
I love the 3rd outfit! The parka is amazing as well as the No.6!!!

Oh so you are here now! All this time I have been wondering where you had gone. Ok, in all honesty, I have not been blogging for months now but I am getting back into it. I missed you :) I missed your blog! But all is well, I found you :) I hope everything it well with you! Gonna do some catching up. That parka -cries! I want. So bad. Buns look ever so cute.

love all of these looks, especially the bright poppy cardi and how you styled your parka! i'm with you on playing with hairstyles and going out on a limb - why not? it looks great on you and looks practical too. i hate having hair in my face, especially when i'm working.

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