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on classics

there are permanent pieces, classics that we reach for constantly, be it a favorite pair of underwear or a superb coat, or simply an item that has come to personify some intrinsic value. for me, it has been my backpack. but before that, it was my glasses. i consider myself to be a rather plain girl in that i don't wear makeup or spend too much time on my appearance (4 hours in a dressing room at century 21 is perfectly normal; the system is flawed, hmph). i don't have a gym membership or a pilates ball or know how to apply eyeliner.
for years, my glasses were the only thing that varied in my appearance. well, that and my bra size--i was a late bloomer, you see. regardless, i now find that an interest in my appearance has made things more complicated. i thought that defining my style, or at least honing it down to a simple uniform (or several) of (coordinating) basics, would make the glasses situation more decisive, i.e., it would not take me over an hour, or several office visits to select a pair.
reading through the archives on style zeitgeist, i came across a bit of debate on the subject. to summarize, it was determined that one's style certainly extends to one's eyewear. the wrong ocular selection has been known to detract from many an outfit, simply by being a distraction.
if the glasses do not complement the wearer, then no outfit, no matter how well coordinated or expensive, will look 'right'. clearly, this is a pervasive and fearsome thought, as i was hardly able to find any celebrities wearing glasses (save the palin), and if so, they were men OR doing a book-signing.
a few good ones:


i particularly like that last pair. perhaps in a wire version....hmm?

in any event, this same principle applies to most of my basics, and probably to many of yours as well. i'm also still searching for the perfect black ankle boot and the perfect bag. you see, if the cut of the boot is off--the shape of the toe or heel, the stitching--then i won't wear it; it won't 'gel' with the rest of the outfit. same with the bag: size and shape and proportion must all work together or the bag will be one of those 'finds' that winds up in a corner untouched.
anyhow, all this hunting has got me a little crazy. which reminded me of this here clip about searching for something equally elusive:

see guys? i'm still random.
any tried and true stories of classics sought and found?
happy hump day.


Re: eyeglasses inspiration you could comb through B&W grey scale, sometimes the optical ads are included:Gucci for example, Also to check through Advanced Style too.

Tried and true classics: I have my "classic" classics like slouchy medium wash blue jean, black DB trench coat, black tuxedos, driving shoes, combat boots, etc... Then the things that surprised me: long black vest, crazy tulip shaped pleated Issey Miyake skirt, slouchy black drop crotch pants, and men's military jacket. Our classics are personal, it's the item that makes you feel good or instantly makes an outfit look 10x better.

I too don't wear makeup, though I think it looks great on some. For me, it's more of a hassle...one (or several) more thing(s) to put on in the AM, and remove at night. Not to mention, I have problematic skin:(
It is tough to have glasses flow with everything you wear. I was just thinking about getting a pair instead of contact lens. Since my wardrobe is mostly quiet (a lot of navy, black, gray, & browns), I was thinking a bold pair of glasses would work...kinda like a statement piece. Although...I do have one bold winter coat, which I fear won't "gel" well with bold glasses. LOL There goes that idea...

Oh, I couldn't see the video. Just html codes.

For me it's always the search of the perfect handbag. My all time favorite is the balenciaga city, but now I'm thinking a medium PS1 would be even better!

i'm the worst at choosing 'classics', because the items that turn out to be classic for myself (in that i keep and love them for many years) don't usually look like a typical plain classic thing. this isn't always a good thing- the 'classic' glasses of my childhood (which i re-bought several times as i grew) were pastel purple with pink and yellow sponge paint all over them. and they were enormous. what a mistake.

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