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never read the blog before but have seen her photos circulating the innanet with great furor. i'm not a big fan of 'styling' so much as a good fit and coordination.
i love this in all its simplicity. such a beautiful coat, yes?
elin kling of style by kling

more you say? but of course:
not too fussy or complex, but everything in its place.

she also has the illest collection of sweaters.

so, wish me luck guys. i'm venturing out into the great cold yonder...best believe there will be many layers to speak of. now...wtf to do with my hair. it's been in a BUN for 5 days. 

pray for me.


I didn't know about Kling untill the h&m collection. The only thing I really noticed is how well she wears the leather trousers. Especially with the blue sweater.

Hope you're feeling better and good luck!

those leather pants and THAT COAT. she is the kind of woman who wears trends like they're timeless. inspiring!!

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