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just realized i did not indicate clearly what 'the poll' was in my last post. i blame too many medications interacting. 
in any event, i was debating the intelligence of purchasing those fairly expensive woolen sweatpants. surely, any old college student can appreciate the glory that is sweatpants. i had never worn a pair of sweats in public until my rick owens pair came in the mail. then it was love at first sight and i sought more. none have seemed so perfect, but still...they are some sweatpants y'all. would you drop a buck on a pair of sweats? yea? nay? perhaps???

currently taking cues from the dark set over on style zeitgeist. i find i much prefer it to the stilettoed, shorted, wedged set on the lady forums. only drawback is they get REAL intense about their critiques over there and women are few and far between, save the lurkers. like myself. :)

i would love to post some of my more 'creative' looks. but i fear rejection. REJECTION is a mofo. 
see below:
 shirt: ro, skirt: the row, shoes: miu miu
 reeeejection. lol.


I don't get "intense" critiques, it's not like it's brain surgery or diffusing a bomb, it's clothes for crying out loud! Even Alexander McQueen understood that and he was one of the best. Re: the sweats, if you like them and think you'd get a lot of wear out of them then go for it. Unless you can think of something else that you'd really rather put that money towards. Grey sweat pants are pretty ubiquitous right now.

i would love to get my hands on some cute sweatpants. hasn't happened yet. maybe a good thing b/c i'd probably never take them off.

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rejection of what?!? you're being super silly. rock what you want to rock and fuck the haters!

^^^Totally agree!!! If you like it, wear it! And I do love this simple look!

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