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sick today with more maladies than i'd care to share with you all. will be soup-ing and buckley-ing myself back to normal, aggressively.
 none of these things is truly appealing. but these are:

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also, in a fit of rage, i went at my closet and got rid of a dozen or so items that were not getting any love. realized my silhouette revolves around skinny jeans and loose cotton shirts. dug out some bootcuts, which i figure will get worn more in warmer months when snow will not eat up my hems, and packed away all my work oriented trousers with the exception of a black and brown pair, just in case i need to look 'decent'. ah, the life of a student. i still have a massive hole in my wardrobe when it comes to shirts and sweaters. but at least now i can see things better. much to share with you when my lungs are back intact and i can walk without a wall holding me up.
happy hump day, loves. thanks for reading.


Feel better. I really like the look of the white shirt, pleated skirt, and croco accessories (Kors right?). I don't care what anybody says about Kors I've liked what he does since his Celine days.

feel better!!!!

i love those moments when i realize what's working well for me in my wardrobe. sometimes you have to stick with the classics that work...

aww hope you get better soon! though it's not a bad time to stay home in cozy pjs and have some comfort food. :)

Get better soon dear! I need to clean my closet too but I am such a procrastinator!

love that first coat so much. its hard to find an attractive puffy jacket.
hope you feel better soon!

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